What Jim Can Do For You - Seller

What Jim Can Do For You - Seller


When selling your home, knowing the real estate MARKET and using the right tools to advertise is what you get with Jim Doxey as your real estate agent.


"Their knowledge of the market and area were evident from day one and essential to the successful settlement of our estate."

 - J. White 3/8/18

The first time I sold a home was 2 years after I purchased my first home.  My wife and I were newlyweds relocating after she finished her degree and we were starting our new “grown-up” life together!

As an apartment property manager, I didn’t know much about real estate markets, trends, or how to value my home other than what I bought it for 2 years before. We depended on our real estate agent to show me how to understand and make decisions that helped us make the right choices for our situation. I never forgot that feeling.

Now, working as a real estate agent, I honor the trust my customers put in me and work hard to deserve that trust.  Selling your home is not only an enormous investment of time and money but also can have great sentimental value also.  I like to honor the time and memories you’ve spent in your home and be sure to find the right buyer that can appreciate your efforts.

"....when it's your first time[,] [y]ou don't really know what to expect, in terms of deadlines, rules, rights, or even the process in general.... They are professionals; don't waste your time, money and energy with amateurs."

M. Foster 3/12/2018

Are you ready to sell your home?
Together we will discuss and plan how to get your home ready to list on the market and show potential buyers.  I use programs, data, online calculations and other professionals together with my experience, to place you in the best position to market your home.  We will discuss your options, your timeline, repairs, insurance, budgets and seller’s expenses that can all affect your readiness.  Together, we will get your home ready.


Communication is Important.

As your real estate agent, I work with a team of people that are dedicated to helping market your home to the public.  We communicate with you and the public through cell, text, email, private message and various social media accesses.  We offer you bi-monthly notices of showings and showing feedback from agents when received.  We market your home on the Multi Listing Service (MLS) which filters to all major real estate advertising apps (like Realtor.com, Zillow.com and our own Coldwell Banker site) as well as Facebook and other social media apps, as available or appropriate.


Communication goes both ways and its important that you convey to me your various needs and wants as it relates to your expectations of the sale of your home. If those needs change, we readjust. My team strives to know the trends, the latest media advantages and quick response time to you and potential buyers.

What Jim Can Do For You - Seller


Whether you're a Buyer or Seller, NEGOTIATING experience of the "entire" deal is what you get with Jim Doxey as your real estate agent.


Negotiating the price is only part of a much bigger contract. There are many other terms that need negotiating and can effect the total price. These include closing terms, escrow amounts, contingencies, appraisals, title, insurances, surveys, warranties, inspections and repair requests, to name a few.  Not putting sufficient consideration on all aspects can significantly change the cost of selling your house or the amount you’re expecting to walk away with. These need to be calculated and considered when an offer is presented in order to determine which offer is best and what position and responsibilities are expected of you, as a seller.

"They walked me through the sale of my home with ease.”

- L. Matheny 3/14/18

We sit down and discus all offers for your consideration and decision.  We focus each offer and contingencies to break down its monetary outcome and understanding to make your decision easier.

Contingencies, Appraisals, Title, Insurances, Associations, Warranties, Inspections & Repairs

Cash deal? Mortgage? Appraisals? Repairs? There are so many considerations and all of these can make or break a deal. Do they want warranties and title insurance, is the home subject to home or land associations, approvals, sinkholes, disclosures, survey?   What kinds of inspection and/or repair allowances or VA limits are the buyers asking for?  My extensive experience in all types of closings for short sales, investment purchases, cash purchases, purchases with mortgage contingencies, appraisals, warranties, inspection repairs, etc. helps me to advise you on understanding the offers for your consideration. 

Community Connections

My professional connections with other professionals that work in the industry help to make sure your interests are protected, considered and held to the highest standards to get you to the closing table.  

Handymen, Closing Agents, Real Estate Attorneys, General Contractors, Inspectors, Insurance Providers, Loan Officers etc. are just a few of the people I work with in the community to connect you with the top rated professionals.
What Jim Can Do For You - Seller


Whether you're a Buyer or Seller, CLOSING can be a stress-free and smooth process with Jim Doxey as your real estate agent.

There is more to closing than just showing up to the table. Most importantly, my involvement in your sale doesn’t stop when you accept an offer.  My commitment to you is to help you all the way to closing.  We offer the scheduling and attending the inspections, work with repairman and stay in constant contact with you and the buyer’s agent.


We stay with you until the end, and then some!

"Jim stayed with us after the deal was done to tie up loose ends and help us deal with unexpected issues.”

- J. Bucca 6/5/18

It is important to me that you know and feel that I've earned my commission.  My top priority is getting those keys from you to the Buyer’s hands. Its an exciting time to make a move.  I want to be sure that its a smooth and easy transition for you and your family.